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Pumps - Zenit Flameproof Submersible Pumps


  • 1 Lifting handle

Ergonomic technopolymer lifting and carrying handle. Clip floatswitch adjustment.

  • 2 Cable gland System

Innovative cable gland system with twin O-rings to ensure maximum tightness.

  • 3 Motor and electrical accessories

Dry motor with thermal protections. Internal startup capacitor.

  • 4 Mechanical seals

One silicon carbide mechanical seal (SiC) and one alumina graphite mechanical seal (AL), V-ring in direct contact with the liquid.

  • 5 Oil sump

Oil sump which guarantees longer mechanical seal lifetime, and is easily accessible thanks to a patented system to simplify maintenance procedures.

  • 6 Anti-clogging System

The diffuser plate incorporates the Anti Clogging System (ACS), consisting of grooves in the plate to facilitate the ejection of solids.

  • 7 Intake strainer

Intake strainer in impact-resistant polypropylene.

Ideal for use with clear or slightly soiled wastewaters containing small solids, strained water, rainwater, seepage and water pumped from underground. Suitable and reliable for domestic use, including heavyduty applications. Suitable for use in Hazardous zone applications.