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Pumps - Progressive Cavity Pumps


  • Self priming even with entrained air.
  • Minimal damage to shear sensitive products.
  • Huge range of flow rates.
  • Suitable for use with Oil Water Separators.
  • Can handle liquids containing solids or abrasive particles.

CP Range of pumps use the helical rotor pumping principle . The heart of the Mono Pump is the single helix rotor which rotates eccentrically within a double helix, resilient stator of twice the pitch length of the rotor. The rotor of circular cross section creates a continuously forming cavity as it rotates.. The cavity progresses towards the discharge end, advancing in front of a continuously forming seal line, carrying the pumped material with it. As the stator open cross sectional area is always constant, the flow rate is continuous without pulsation.